Why co-locate your servers?

Server co-location is a great way to economically connect your own servers to your office over the Internet. The Excell IT colocation service is designed to provide our customers with high-performance Internet connections and secured housing environments by installing their servers at our data center; thereby isolating their core servers from damage caused by fires, natural disasters, sudden power failures or technical faults. By removing your servers and critical data from harm's way, you increase your business's ability to bounce back after outages.

The capital investment needed to create a data centre with the features such as a controlled climate, redundant power and Internet, and physical and network security that an established data centre has would not be justifiable for most companies. The most cost-effective way for companies to access the benefits of a data centre is through server colocation or managed server hosting.

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While it is easy to know what your server requirements are today, it is prudent and far more difficult to anticipate what your server requirements will be in the future. Scalability is easily achieved without any additional upfront costs by colocating servers because as you require more bandwidth, more processing power, or more rack space, you simply need to request it and your monthly bill will change accordingly. This will provide ease of mind to rapidly growing companies who are unsure how soon and how drastically their requirements might change.

Need Unmetered?

The sky is the limit with unmetered bandwidth and unmetered power. Our unmetered plans allow your servers to do whatever they need to do without fear of overage charges or throttling. For high-performance requirements, unmetered colo is the best option to ensure that your hosted servers have the freedom they need to run your business.

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Managed Server Hosting

Excell IT offers fully-managed server hosting, which is similar to traditional colocation, but the servers you utilize in our data centre are owned, maintained and managed by our team. We do provide you with remote access to your servers via RDP, but our team will take care of any physical maintenance (e.g. replacing hard drives, upgrading components, etc.) and system maintenance (e.g. virus scans, driver updates, Windows updates, etc.) so that you don't need to dedicate time and money towards this specialized maintenance.