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Remote Support is Fast Support

As a leading provider of Information Technology Services in Toronto, we don't just make sure our clients are using the newest, most powerful tech solutions. We've invested in implementing a remote support system. That means that instead of providing technical support in the traditional way of having to travel to an office and troubleshoot a problem on site, we can manage thousands of systems right from our Network Operations Center. This means less travel time, faster fixes, and a lower overall cost for us and for you.

Using this system, Merlin, we can connect to any computer or server and control it just as if we were in the room. Moving the mouse and typing on the keyboard, we can show you exactly how we resolve your issues as soon as you call. A faster connection to your computer means a faster resolution to your problem!

Aside from remote control, this system also allows us to manage updates, backups, software licenses, and computer logs, and it can also send us automatic alerts when it detects a potential issue.

Our remote management agent, Merlin, allows us to leverage out manpower to get the job done quicker, better, and cheaper.

Mobile Device Management

The ability to send email from a cell phone revolutionized the business world over 20 years ago. Today, we can accomplish just about as much from our smartphones as we can from a desktop, and with Internet access virtually everywhere, many employees do just that. With this leap in mobile business technology, the need for organizations to maintain control over their mobile devices has become more prevalent—and with BYOD as a growing trend, maintaining contorl over devices used for personal and business use is even more difficult.

Excell IT offers a complete cross-platform mobile device management solution that helps ensure that your data is secure whether your users are on Android, iOS, BlackBerry, or Windows phones.

Our technical service center is equipped with the latest call center technology which includes 24/7 support. The support we provide is comprehensive and covers all major operating systems, as well as most server and desktop applications running in the typical office environment.

With our MDM agent, we allow organizations to achieve two main points: 1. Security and 2. Ease of use. Probably the phone best-known for its device security is BlackBerry, however many of its flagship security features are now a staple for any mobile device management service. That means that no matter where your phones are, you can lock them, remotely wipe the data, lock down phone features (camera, texting, etc.), track their location, and send messages to the screen. This helps keep your confidential corporate data out of the wrong hands in case a handset is lost or stolen.

Apart from keeping your data secure, our MDM agent also allows us to remotely configure just about everything that we could with the phone in our hands. We can set up email accounts, install apps, and set up WiFi profiles, so that any problems your users encounter in the field can be resolved quickly through a remote connection.

Common Concerns About Outsourcing

1My office uses Mac computers.
No problem! We are able to support all major operating systems, including Mac OS, Windows, and all mobile/smartphone operating systems.
2My company has remote users and/or a satellite office.
We are fully equipped to support our clients no matter where they are. While most of our clients are headquartered in the GTA, we also serve their remote users and remote offices all across the USA and Canada.
3My IT guys have been with the company for years and know all of the ins and outs of our systems.
We are not always a "rip and replace" solution—in fact many of the larger organizations we work with have several internal IT staff who do more specialized tasks, like developing and maintaining custom applications, while procurement and help desk tasks are managed by Excell IT.
Additionally, we have an entire team of technicians who are certified experts in their field, such as firewalls, Exchange servers, and server virtualization. This ensures that your business will not be hindered by the limits of a 1 or 2-man team.
4I don't want to lose control over my computer network.
While Excell IT will manage or even host your network, it is still owned by your business and you have the final say over what happens. We only make changes that you approve, and we are never more than a phone call or an email away—and if you want a face-to-face then we are always more than happy to oblige!

Our Experience Speaks for Itself

The age of an organization speaks to its reliability, affordability, and overall quality of service. With almost two decades under our belt, Excell IT has been the trusted Complete Outsourced IT Department for companies across virtually all industries in the Greater Toronto Area.

We focus on providing knowledge-intensive support solutions delivered via telephone, email, on-site visits, and remote control. We provide a high quality, scalable, and cost-effective solution based on the ITIL framework for outsourcing the technical and IT help desk functions of your business.

Our technical service center is equipped with the latest call center technology which includes 24/7 support. The support we provide is comprehensive and covers all major operating systems, as well as most server and desktop applications running in the typical office environment.

Our technicians have all the necessary technical certifications and have gone through extensive training in soft skills to provide top quality technical support.