Virtual Servers for Every Business

Server virtualization is not just a good practice for large enterprises; small and medium businesses can benefit from it in terms of performance, risk mitigation, and cost. For the curious, you can learn about the ins and outs of how server virtualization works by reading our Introduction to Server Virtualization e-book, but for the Layman, server virtualization is the process of taking the functions of multiple servers and accomplishing the same amount of work with fewer physical servers. This solution is ideal for growing businesses whose requirements are consistently changing. For example, organizations will often require a new server to host a new version of critical software. With a powerful virtual machine host server, you can have a new virtual server up and running in a matter of hours without having to purchase a whole new server to mount in a rack!

Harness the Full Power of Your Small Business Server

If your company server is running Windows Small Business Server, chances are that you are not using all of its features—which is not necessarily a bad thing, this is just because SBS 2011 (and other versions) comes loaded with a huge number of features that may or may not be used depending on your requirements. The fact of the matter is that many small businesses already have the ability to perform all of the tasks that their business requires, but they still subscribe to services from third parties such as email and web hosting. With a properly configured SBS, you can cut down on your monthly expenses and bring these tasks in-house.