Secure Remote Backup Services

Our remote archive service is a secure way to back up network files automatically. The service offers reliable, real-time remote data archives to our off-site data storage facility securely and automatically. Every night, critical files are gathered, encrypted, compressed, and transferred to the Excell IT archive servers for near line and tape storage.

Backing up your server every single night means that you will never have to worry about losing large amount of work over an extended period of time. Contracts, client information, documents, or major projects could get corrupted, accidentally deleted, or lost with no way of recovery without a backup. By replicating a complete disc image of your server every night, you can rest easy knowing that you won't lose weeks or even months of works — and thousands of dollars.

Onsite vs. Offsite Backup Solutions

Whether you have your system backups saved to a location in your office or our remote data center, you at least know that you are keeping your data safe. While one solution is not intrinsically better than the other, there are clear benefits to each — however the best solution is always to have both types of backups running frequently.

Onsite backups are typically a less costly backup solution, and can be configured to back up individual workstations, network drives, or entire system images to a storage location such as an external hard drive, tape drive, or NAS (network-attached storage). Due to the generally less complicated configuration, they are an effective and relatively inexpensive option, however relying solely on an onsite backup solution can leave you vulnerable to data loss in the event of a physical disaster at your office location.

Offsite backups are a great complement to onsite backups, because in case something happens to your office building such as a flood or fire, onsite backups would likely be destroyed along with everything else. With a recent backup of your systems in our remote and secure data center, we could have your employees up and running in a virtual office at the data center before your office is even rebuilt! Our offsite backup solution of choice runs over a point-to-point data link to our Tier 4 data center where your critical files are transferred to a storage device every night. This ensures that in case file or system recovery is required, we will have a fresh copy that can be transferred back to the office immediately.

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Keep the files that run your business out of harm's way with a comprehensive onsite and/or offsite backup solution that best meets your business's needs.