Hosted Exchange Email & Sharepoint Solutions

Hosted Exchange Email Solutions

Why Exchange?

Microsoft Exchange has set the standard for business-class email solutions and continues to raise the bar with every new release. For fast-paced business communication, common browser-based email providers like Gmail and Hotmail cannot compete with the superior functionality of Microsoft Exchange server.

Having the best email service in the world doesn't always come cheap. There's the cost of the server, the software, the licenses, the storage, the maintenance... Building a new Exchange server can cost over $300,000! There is a more cost-effective method of obtaining the Exchange experience!

Excell IT's Hosted Exchange Solutions allow you to bypass all of the costly start-up fees and get right to using the service. Our original infrastructure has been in place since 1997 and has grown with the industry since then, always keeping up-to-date with the newest technology. Our Hosted Exchange Solutions come with all of the out-of-the-box features of the newest version of Microsoft Exchange, and we add on our advanced antivirus, anti-spam, and privacy protection services to keep the end user and their system secure. Fully scalable to the current size of your business, and flexible to grow with your team, you can enjoy the best of Exchange for just a few dollars per month per user!


Support is often a feature that is overlooked when evaluating email providers and email types. This entire topic can likely be best summed up by saying "You get what you pay for". Free email solutions such as POP3 and IMAP that you can find powering services like Hotmail and Gmail work great when you're online and on their web browser, and for personal use you may never run into any problems, however the requirements of business mail are far for complex. Spam filtering, offline access, and archiving and recovery are the features that you'll need in a pinch, and that you may not have in these special cases when you need them most.

Get Exchange Email. Ask us how.

Make the move to Exchange to gain access to all of the features that give you business-grade communication capabilities to your business-critical contacts.

Hosted SharePoint Solutions

You can kiss your company drive goodbye thanks to Microsoft SharePoint. This collaboration tool allows you to upload and download files, share and assign tasks, integrate with Outlook, manage permissions for specific users and groups, modify documents with other users simultaneously, and so much more.

Increase Team Productivity

SharePoint sites eliminate time, place, and technological restrictions and give team members a flexible, reliable, cost-effective way to increase productivity. Built-in templates and flexible user management make Workspace Site creation simple and effective. Site authors can determine how to distribute Workspace information and documents, and users have 24x7 Web access to team information through a single password-protected site.

Build an Organizational Community.

SharePoint sites capture and share ideas, information, communications, and documents. SharePoint facilitates team participation in surveys, discussions, and shared document collaboration. Site content is accessible from both a Web browser and through client-supported Web services. The document collaboration features allow easy check in, check out, and document version control.

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