Tier 4 Data Center & Colocation Services

Ensuring the integrity of your confidential data is a comfort that comes with colocating your servers. Our Tier 4 facility boasts a robust infrastructure that can run seamlessly on battery, withstanding power surges and blackouts, and in case of prolonged power outages, our diesel-powered backup generator can keep your servers running uninterruptedly. Our data center is under video surveillance and there is no unescorted access to the servers. All physical maintenance is performed by our trained technicians so you don't have to worry about an unauthorized user tampering with your data.

Reduce Costs

We provide a flexible, cost effective alternative to building and operating your own data center, or incurring expensive upgrades to your existing facility.

Save Office Space

There's no need have a bulky server rack take up space in your office. Have your servers hosted in our data center for increased security in a secure environment.

Improve Business Continuity

Our solutions enables organizations to become more flexible, more dynamic, and better able to quickly take advantage of emerging opportunities.

Scalable Private Cloud Solutions

We understand your company is always growing and will continue to need more space, storage, and compute power. All of our private cloud and storage solutions are highly scalable to provide the right resources when you need them!

Secure Backups

Our secure off-site backup systems synchronize and keep backups of your sensitive data. Even in the event of a disaster your data is available and ready to go when you need it!

Top Notch Security

Locked away in our state of the art data center and protect by our top of the line firewall your data is safe and secure - keep your business a float with peace of mind security.