Case Studies

Domain Controller Implementation

Client: Medium-Sized Private Enterprise / February - April 2015

A GTA-based company with 50 users in the office, in the production area, and mobile sales users engaged Excell IT to help them prepare for an upcoming external Information Technology Audit by quickly increasing security measures with minimal interruption to their employees.
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Situation Analysis
As a very small organization with only a handful of users, you may be able to get away with using a Workgroup, however larger organizations require a domain controller server to manage the corporate domain, user groups, and group policies.

In order to comply with the standards of the IT audit, the client needed to ensure that security policies were in place to include classifying data based on its sensitivity, preventing unauthorized access, defining user access levels, and providing access to information for third parties. Network security devices such as firewalls, data backup media, routers, and servers also needed to be configured to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information.

Excell IT devised a plan to implement a domain controller to move the company away from local computer accounts to domain accounts that were each assigned appropriate access levels as defined by group policies.

To implement these changes as seamlessly as possible, Excell IT deployed a new server that serves as a domain controller and enforces all of the security policies. The migration of all data from the local accounts to the domain accounts was completed outside of business hours by connecting to the computers via our remote management software so that users could log into their computers one day and all of the changes would instantly take effect.

Essentially a complete IT infrastructure was built and implemented for an already well-established company without interrupting their regular operations. By performing the majority of the work outside of business hours, the client was able to meet all of the criteria for their IT audit and they are on a solid IT foundation to scale with their company over upcoming years of growth.