We fix problems before they happen.

When you think of company servers, you might think about the loud whirring computers in the back room that nobody ever goes in. They stay on day and night and you never really have to think about them until something goes wrong. For a small business with only a few users, this may be the case, however as organizations grow, the demands of that small business server will quickly outgrow its capabilities.

The scale of a company's IT infrastructure and the complexity of its server configuration increases with the number of users and requirements. With a larger network, there are more possible points of failure, and thus the need for system maintenance increases. As a standard feature of Excell IT's managed IT services, proactive infrastructure maintenance prevents problems from ever occurring so that you experience less downtime and fewer headaches.

Through both automated and manual processes, we keep systems running at optimal performance. One of our secret weapons is an automated alerting system that will send our support team a notification when a preset condition has been met. For example, when a server reaches 15% free space, we will be alerted so that our technicians can check the server for unnecessary clutter, and if necessary we can install additional storage before the server runs into performance problems caused by low disk space.

With our robust solution of proactive and reactive technical support, our clients can relax and enjoy worry-free IT.