Integrated IT Asset Management Team

Working hand-in-hand with our reporting feature, our IT asset management service helps our clients make informed decisions when it comes to purchasing and distributing their assets throughout the organization. Excell IT becomes the primary point of accountability for the lifecycle management of information technology assets throughout your organization. Depending on the requirements of your organization, Excell IT can also engage in the development and maintenance of policies, standards, and processes to manage the IT inventory with respect to risk, cost, control, compliance, and performance objectives as established by executive management.

Forecasting & Procurement

A large part of effective IT asset management is forecasting the future needs of the business and matching them with the appropriate emerging technologies in the market. By carefully maintaining records of owned and leased IT assets, we help organizations ensure that they are not spending unnecessary funds on hardware or software licensing. At the same time, by complying with company predefined company policies, assets are upgraded and replaced before they hinder productivity and pose a risk to the organization.