IT Consulting & Project Management

IT Consulting & Project Management

Excell IT's project management team is comprised of sales directors and our top-tier technicians to ensure that your major IT projects are planned and executed flawlessly. Together, the team will manage the scope, cost, timing, and quality of the IT project. First, they work with the client to identify the goals, constraints, risks, performance criteria, and resource requirements of the proposed IT project. This allows us to ensure that the project you want is really the project you need in order to best fulfill your business's needs.

From the planning phase, through the implementation phase, and right up until the close (or ongoing maintenance) of the project, a dedicated communication coordinator will deliver updates and progress reports to all necessary parties to ensure that the project is meeting the preset milestones of the project. As many large IT projects introduce new systems for an organization's employees, we can also assist with change management and training on the new systems.

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High-availability clusters (also known as HA clusters or failover clusters) are groups of computers that support server applications that can be reliably utilized with a minimum of down-time. They operate by harnessing redundant computers in groups or clusters that provide continued service when system components fail. Without clustering, if a server running a particular application crashes, the application will be unavailable until the crashed server is fixed. HA clustering remedies this situation by detecting hardware/software faults, and immediately restarting the application on another system without requiring administrative intervention, a process known as failover. As part of this process, clustering software may configure the node before starting the application on it. For example, appropriate filesystems may need to be imported and mounted, network hardware may have to be configured, and some supporting applications may need to be running as well.
HA clusters are often used for critical databases, file sharing on a network, business applications, and customer services such as electronic commerce websites.
HA cluster implementations attempt to build redundancy into a cluster to eliminate single points of failure, including multiple network connections and data storage which is redundantly connected via storage area networks.

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With laptops, tablets, smartphones, and other wireless-ready devices becoming more widely used in the office, ensuring you have a reliable Wi-Fi network present in your office will keep your employees and guests connected to the tools they need.
More complex wireless network configurations are also readily available to suit your specific security needs. Perhaps you require separate networks for your external guests and internal networks, different encryption types, or restricted Internet access—all of these options can easily be set up by our experts so that your wireless network works just as reliably for you are your Ethernet cables.

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Sick and tired of high costs and downtime? Maybe it's time to move your company's mail hosting to a new provider, or even internally to your own servers! For Excell IT, 2014 has been the year of mail migrations—Toronto businesses have clearly decided to start moving their mail services from their current providers (many fleeing Office 365) to have their mail hosted in our data center. We have also helped Small Business Server users fully utilize the built-in functions so that they can host their own Exchange server and avoid their monthly hosting costs altogether!

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Microsoft officially ended support for the Windows XP operating system on April 8, 2014. That means that any bugs, security flaws, and other incompatibilities that are found after that date will left unpatched, potentially leaving gaping holes in the security of your company's entire computer network.

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