What is a Point-to-Point Connection?

A point-to-point connection is a secure connection between two fixed points in a private network that are connected through dedicated digital circuits that vary in capacity and speeds. This allows businesses to extend the coverage of the business wide area network (WAN) using secured, highly-reliable and high-speed network connections.

So how exactly does a P2P connection benefit your business? Depending on your situation, there are many reason to get a point-to-point connection. For offices located in older neighborhoods or remote areas with degraded copper cabling, it may be possible to avoid the poor connection that copper wire provides by having a new fibre optic line installed, or even going with a wireless/satellite option. No matter how the connection is made, it will be a direct link between your office and your servers in the data center. This dedicated connection ensures that you can access your servers at the speed of light so your office network moves as quickly as it would if it were housed on-site, but your servers will be professionally housed and maintained in a secure facility.

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Connect your business to the Internet and your co-located servers with a dedicated fibre line.